by American Grandma

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"Still just a teenager, Jennifer Keller conveys a solemn gravity in her songwriting and vocals that appeals fully across the age spectrum. While most prodigies err on the side of braggadocio to drive home their precociousness, Keller’s undeniable harness on understatement proves that much more impressive."
Jon Putnam, The Line Of Best Fit


released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


American Grandma Denver, Colorado

First Base Tapes

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Track Name: Wishing U Well
I've been thinking a lot
Been thinking about nothing
Wondering why
We haven't really been talking

I've been drinking a lot
But it hasn't clouded my judgement
Or made me doubt my assumptions
That I made at that party

I saw the book on the table
Waiting to be read
I saw your mom
So proud and bright
But so close to being dead again

What could this mean?
All my friends are
What could this mean?
Dying all around me
What could this mean?
I want life to take them with me
What could this mean?
But I have to go

You've been figuring yourself out
You've been shutting me out
I you think your life will just fall
Into place then you're wrong
But my god I wish you well
My god I wish you well

I saw it there in the driveway
Symbolizing your new life
Yeah you can go fast now
Far away from us
The ones that you're leaving behind
Leaving behind
Track Name: University Blues
Let me figure this shit out
Before I start burning bridges
Yeah I have dreams too
A lot of dreams
In every dimension

Oh I want to go to school
I want to
Marry Evan after college
So let me figure this shit out
And you can take
A long look at your life

Because I think you're slipping
I think you're blind
I think you're slipping
I think you don't mind

I know you resent me right now
I'm leaving and
The day is coming up
I won't apologize for my behavior
If I ever stopped for anyone
I wouldn't have the life that I do

I can do it by myself
And if you can't accept that
Then just move on
And claim I'm changing

I'm not changing
I just have plans for my life
And I have dreams
And I can't die
Before they've been realized
I'm not like you
I'm not like you
Track Name: Peaches and Blood
My love
Brooding quietly
Years ago, a shrine
In my mind
Pink symbols
And our virginities

Am I fucked up for wanting
A girl like you
I was attracted to the silent pain
It's not like I encouraged the razor blades

It just stuck in my mind
That someone beautiful
Just wanted to die

Someone beautiful
Just wanted to die
Track Name: Wedding Bells Reprise
Now I'm not pointing the finger
But I distinctly recall
A disconnection between
What you imagined for your first born daughter
And what you must have seen in me

But I,
I'm used to it now
Oh, I'm used to it now

If you really knew me
You'd know that when you were bleeding
When the wedding bells were ringing
She called me because she was scared

And the truth is
I don't live up to your image
Whatever the fuck that means

So next time you're screaming
At the love of your life
Just know she's on the phone with me

And when I come over
And you have nothing to say
I'm used to it now
I'm used to it now