by American Grandma

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Trev Elkin
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Trev Elkin Beautiful, chilled slowcore album. Keller excels at expressing feelings of awkwardness; the sense when you can't find your place in the world, and you're not yet ready to carve one out of your own. Favorite track: memories. rooms..
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Quinnbee This is so lovely and fine. Thank you so much. It's beautiful.
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"American Grandma is the project of 18 year old Jennifer Keller. Keller has been writing music since she was 14, citing Youth Lagoon and Memoryhouse as influences, there are some aspects of their introverted, ethereal yet often desolate aesthetics which Keller builds upon in her own DIY style." -Trevor Elkin, GoldFlakePaint


released March 21, 2016



all rights reserved


American Grandma Denver, Colorado

First Base Tapes

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Track Name: never enough
i'm fine
everyone's changing but i'm alright
came home
woke up to the snow

i've been,
i've been places now
i've been on my own

and i love this place, but
it's not the same anymore

we've adjusted so well
but it still hurts coming back, and
taking a look at myself
Track Name: fragile connections
how are fragile connections to survive in this
dangerous world
i've got a dangerous girl
a sword in mine, too

how are we to persist
can you trust me
i know I'm holding you to a double standard
i know it isn't easy to love me
i know your mom and dad want
to get a divorce
but they just don't have the money

so how are we to persist
if vows apparently don't mean anything
what do we do if
the spark goes out one night
when i'm romanticizing everything

evan i don't want this to die
Track Name: i miss summer
all i want
i'm not asking much
all i want
all i want is just enough

i love you
and i know i like to hide
you say there's a lot
that you don't know about me
'cause i keep it all inside
Track Name: listened, too
someone came into my room
someone listened, too
i guess i should tell somebody about
there's something coming in between us

wish it was something that i said
then we could say we're sorry
and continue to ignore this growing wedge

wish there was something i could do
to get back
the effortless relationship i had with you

someone came into my room
someone listened, too
i think there's someone laughing in the hall
but i don't care at all

what could change this awkward strangeness
Track Name: memories. rooms.
how am i supposed to say
i can see you, woman now
curse these things
inside my head
that make me think
you deserve someone else

be quiet things
in my ear
cause all i hear from you
keeps coming back

i can't get this off my mind
i doubt that you remember it
but i do all the time
your parents were out
and wouldn't be home that night
we were on your bed
and you said

"i'm not sure, i'm pretty high
but i remember his hand on my upper thigh
and i think my uncle hurt me
at his house one time"
Track Name: angel
come back when you've made something better
when you've got your head worked out
remember that night we were talking
Pale Blue Eyes, Velvet Underground
i think that part of me loves you
that part lives somewhere else

i think you think that you love me
i think you hate yourself
that night you called me an angel
wonder if you meant someone else

these are sounds you can fall asleep to
when you're wrapped up in her arms
i wonder if you were lying
i think you showed me your heart
Track Name: ruminations
don't call me
apparently i am the world's neediest person
and nobody cares to fill my position
and if you do
you really don't

don't fall for me
i won't fit in with your family
it doesn't matter what i do
about all the flowers
and every loving day i spent with you
well you can tell your mom it didn't mean shit

just leave me
make your parents happy
marry a man with money
who's never been depressed
and let him bore you to death